Q. Tell me about Sheepskin Footwear.

A. Sheepskin footwear has unique properties shared by no other. They are felt best against the bare foot. That is one of the reasons we always try to have customers try them on barefoot. In addition to the plush comfort of the fleece on the foot, the hair follicles from the sheepskin "wicks" the moisture from the foot and sends it out the skin (which is why you don't use silicon, which clogs up the pores in the skin, to protect the footwear). There is air that circulates throughout the fleece, keeping the foot at body temperature, even in very cold conditions. The second reason to have the customer try any sheepskin footwear on barefoot is that sheepskin has the ability to mold quickly to the foot and if stressed (by a wide or misshapen foot) will stretch and conform quickly. How the slipper or boot feels at first try is NOT how it will feel after two weeks of wear. Therefore, it is our responsibility to fit all sheepskin footwear "comfortably snug". A third, and often overlooked benefit of sheepskin footwear comes from the lanolin (found in many hand lotions) found in the skin. It helps keep the skin moist and healthy. Doctors and hospitals have long used sheepskin for healing purposes such as healing sandals for Diabetic patients with hard to heal foot ulcers to older bed-ridden patients to fight bed sores.